Marketing To People With A Taste Of Differentiated Lifestyle In Singapore

An ordinary lifestyle in an ordinary condo or home setting may sound quite boring nowadays. The penetration of the lifestyle media into our sense of taste and living results in the inevitable reprogramming of what and why luxury is the common goal of most people. Social differentiation is a multidimensional phenomenon and as the population continues to rise, the marketing media employed differentiated marketing strategies for customers of diverse tastes. Why do people pride themselves living with a differentiated lifestyle?

Marketing a condo to meet expectations

In Singapore, the amenities in the Parvis Condo in the Holland Hill definitely suit the fashionable lifestyle of any executives and the locals. It offers a Jacuzzi, spa pavilion, and four different swimming pools where you can dip at night or even at daytime when you are free from work. There are no oddly shaped corners within the units even in the 2 bedroom units. The first thing you will notice when you visit the unit is the air of privacy and good living spaces. The master bedroom is designed with a bit of distance from the junior suite and other bedrooms. This is what I call differentiated marketing strategy. You give what the people ask about living in a little bit of luxury. The setting and the amenities give people what they hope to achieve at a certain stage of their successful career life. Another thing that you won’t fail to notice is the thirst for privacy. People with differentiated lifestyle want to party, but still need their full privacy when they are on their own. The Parvis Condo is one sample of a condo that is trying to meet people with differentiated lifestyle.

Space and layout

The rooms are spacious enough you can move your 8 seater dining table from the dining area to the balcony in less time and with less hassle. Other features are the 3.3 m ceiling, which is high enough to boost the air ventilation of the unit. The floor is made of marble tiles that gives it an elegant appearance by complementing its ultra-modern style. The marble is highly known for its durability. This means it won’t easily crack even if you drop a ceramic dinner plate. Also, it does not easily get scratched even with dogs pawing at it. What I am trying to say here, is that the patterns of consumption expenditures of people wanting to demonstrate social differentiation of their preferences and habits, are much detailed when it comes to selection of materials and the quality of the materials. Service reviews are being posted anywhere on the internet. This is the very reason most companies trying to meet customers with differentiated lifestyle are creating specialized, exclusive marketing platforms, such as the layout, the materials, the neighborhood, and the interiors.

Upscale living magazine setting

The kitchen is really nice and comes with a comprehensive list of the De Dietrich appliances. However, it does not have any washing machine and dryer. Help with your dishes? You do not need to worry about washing them. A dishwasher is provided along with the storage system within the cabinet. Bedrooms come with a built-in wardrobe. Bathrooms have built-in wardrobes. Bathrooms come with the Grohe fixtures. The condo provides a side gate access that allows you to access the Chip Bee garden. I think it would be a comfort for you to know that it is just literally a 10 minute walk to the Holland Village. Overall, I can say it has a good location and good material quality.

The challenge of the building’s design is storage and how to make the renovation of the unit more interesting with simple additions. You may create featured walls with concealed storage within. You can even create a garden like space on the balcony. The balcony overlooks the landscape and the lush trees beyond it. With the artificial turf, you can create an extension of the lush trees. Here, in the Parvis condo, you are sure that you are trending a quality lifestyle. Design is everything. Closing the deal would mean creating more specific designs targeted to highly professional individuals. The goal is to showcase a near to luxury lifestyle. This is just a revealing tip on how to build amazing experiences around design.

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Balance Lifestyle Nutrition For Health And Longevity

“I am so confused! There are so many different recommendations out there about ‘good’ nutrition that I can’t figure out fact from fiction.” If I had a dollar for every time I have heard this statement or one like it I would be a very rich woman.

To answer this question I have to say only this; that good old fashioned nutrition is coming out tops in all the latest research. By old fashioned, I mean really old, as in the days when your mother told you to eat your vegetables, and made sure you ate two to three pieces of fruit a day. She always gave you the benefit of three-square-meals a day and a few good nutritious snacks as well. Fast food, soft drinks or sodas, sweets, cakes or lollies were treats seen only on weekends or once a month when you went on a picnic, they were not daily dietary habits. In those days people worked hard and long and still found time to play games with their kids, they are also proving to be a very long lived generation.

So let’s take a look at why this old fashioned lifestyle created such wellness, energy and a great outlook on life.

Back in the days before everyone became so much busier because of technology, and you thought it was meant to make your life easier. It seems to me that technology made it easier to be in constant contace and so people now expect you to answer them immediately or they want to know why. Technology has made it easier to be busier and so we skip meals or opt for fast food, just to keep up with our constantly updated schedules. I have to ask you, have you thought about, not answering your phone? Or checking your emails? Or fast forwarding that memo, during meal times or during me-times?

What are me-times, I hear you ask? They are the highly important VIP all areas access times that you take to recharge you. They need to be right at the top of your priority list, not at the bottom where they more than likely are now. Without these times as your top priority where will you ever find the energy to give the best of yourself to your endeavours and become the success I know you can be? I promise you, the world will not stop if you take time out to eat well, exercise and de-stress. In fact the very people you want to impress will be impressed with your dedication to yourself. Why? Because the most successful people do exactly that, and one thing my NLP and Coaching Master courses have taught me well, is to model yourself on the people who have the kind of success you want to have.

Warren Buffett, Richard Branson and Donald Trump all take time every day to eat well and take me-time to exercise and relax, or they would not be where they are now. So this article is about eating well, so let’s take a good look at that now that we have my little soap-box moment out of the way.

Good old fashioned nutrition begins with living food, the kind that still has life in it like vegetables and fruit, these are the carbohydrates that should make up about 70 to 80% of what you eat each day. Not the breads, pasta’s, cakes, biscuits, chips, sodas, ice creams, and other sugar-based foods and drinks that people seem to eat so much of these days. Vegetables and fruit still have their electrical energy and are not dead foods. Oh, you didn’t know that vegetables and fruit had electrical energy? Well, my science students would be proud to show you their fruit clocks, which are small electric clocks that are run on the electrical energy of food. We ran an experiment to find out which foods had the most electrical energy and it changed the way my year 9 students thought about food for the rest of their life.

Did you know that a banana will run a fruit clock for approximately 2 ½ weeks? Or that a lemon (the highest electrical energy charge of all) will run one for 6 months? We tested many things including a favourite food of teens, a hamburger from a well known chain (which will remain nameless), no cudo’s for guessing that the hamburger didn’t even start the clock.

This electrical energy actually interacts with our own, yes each of our cells hold a charge too, and this is one of the reasons live food can create such good health. This little boost of electrical energy increases absorption of nutrients from these kinds of foods. This effect can also been seen in some foods that are not fresh, however they had to have been dried or packaged or processed under very special circumstances. So if you are like me and love my green barley extract (a powder) or my acai complex juice (a bottled juice) you need to make sure that you only buy from reputable and good quality companies that take care to preserve not only the nutrient density of the product but as much of this live cellular electrical charge as well.

Vegetables and fruit grown in organically in good soils, are naturally high in antioxidants, minerals and vitamins, and fibre and are the foundation of any good nutritional lifestyle. Ask yourself right now, does 70 to 80% of my dietary intake consist of fruit, vegetables or nutrient dense versions of them? If not, it might be time to rethink your dietary lifestyle.

What about the other 30 to 20% of your nutrient intake? This needs to consist of quality protein, fats and oils and wholegrains in that order. Good quality protein is trimmed meat of any kind, fish, chicken, whey protein concentrate or isolate, eggs, or soft cheeses like cottage cheese. Some vegetables and fruit also contains protein which is a surprise to most people, but please just search Acai berry and note that it actually contains more protein than eggs per gram and is filled with essential amino acids which are one of the main reasons we need to eat protein. (for more info)

Protein helps us build the components of our bodies, the tissues are all made of proteins and many of the interactions in our bodies are catalyzed by amino acids, my friends in biochemical research have told me that we do not eat enough good quality protein any more. By good quality I am talking about protein rich foods that have not been cooked in saturated fats, or combined with other bad fats like transfats, or hydrogenated fats.

However, we need fat in our diet, so do not avoid good fats without adequate good quality lipids in our diet we will suffer skin problems, immune deficiencies and hormonal disorders. Good fats consist of oils and fats like virgin olive oil, fish oil, primrose oil, coconut oil, and more.

Wholegrains, are the only starchy grains we should be putting into our diet, not those white overprocessed grains that have the nutritional benefits of eating cardboard. Wholegrains are full of the energy of life, and carry the lipids (in the germ) and the fibre we need to create health and vitality.

Are you starving in the face of plenty? Your body may be starved for nutrients even though you are eating a lot. So please take the time today to rethink your nutrition and ask yourself, “Am I tired and stressed because of my workload or because I do not feed my starving body the nutrients it needs to give me the energy I need to work and play hard?. Get on board the nutrient lifestyle revolution and take charge of your heath today.

Home Fashion: The Fashion Of Modern Occupants

Home furnishing or soft furnishing is the latest trend in the business of fashion today. The desire to redecorate everything around us has lead people to become fashion centric with reference to the interiors of their work place or their home or perhaps it is the compensation for our hectic life that we generally seek relaxation through the colours and designs in our furnishings. Generally, we try to please our visual and tactile senses by the soft and beautiful fabrics around us.

In the last 3-4 years, people have begun changing their home furniture like they change their wardrobe according to the changing fashions. Lifestyle furnishing has become a mix of aesthetics, comfort, colours and designs. For instance, brown sofas have become outdated and people now prefer lively colours like blue and red. Though brand awareness in this segment is low but at present the scenario is changing, a few years ago consumers never stressed on purchasing branded home furnishing products, but now they are aware about new products and brands.

The list of furnishings includes bed linen like bed sheets, pillow slips (pillow shams), bed skirts, duvet covers, quilts and cushions; for giving the complete look to the bedroom matching curtains, tie-backs and also mats can be included in this list. This bedroom could be with an attached bathroom making the list even bigger. Towels and floor mats, shower curtains, same soap cases, toothbrush holders, soap dispensers, mugs and rugs can offer the attractiveness of a bathroom. Water in this room, evokes memories of sea and ocean, shells and fish, and hence these are major patterns in the design making of bathroom accessories. Bed-and-bath themes are also combined together by designers.

The bedroom that we are talking about could be that of an adult, or a child, or two adults, or two children and hence the look of every bedroom in a house is unique. The appearance of any room has to be in relevance to the psychological and physical requirements of its occupants.

Bed sheets aren’t just utilitarian things; they make style statements while reflecting your personality and moods. As people are becoming more aware about fibres, fabrics, feel, colour and size of bed sheets, pillow slips, quilts, etc, it gives added responsibilities to the designers and manufacturers to ensure quality supply of the same.

Cotton is the most favored fabric for bed sheets, particularly those with a greater thread count. Exporters have an increasing demand for cotton bed sheets, though some also demand silk made-ups. Generally, many export houses are given the designs to work on, or they make their own varieties from which the buyers put up orders. They emphasizes on colour and design. For new born babies soft basic colours are used, where as for grown up children complimentary colour schemes with cartoon like motifs are mostly used. There are a variety of prints to select from. The prints for curtains vary from animals, to soft toys, cartoons and candies; the same is applicable for rugs, bed sheets, duvet covers and cushions.

Teenagers have different preferences like pink which is mostly preferred by girls, whereas blue is a preferred colour for boys. Adults chose from a wide range of colours and motifs including traditional Indian motifs to modern compositions. In fact, the selection of colour and design depends on the fashion trend of today.

One step out of the bedroom and you reach the most happening room of the house – the living room. A combination of huge variety of colours and its relevant coordinates are particularly made to cater to people’s physical and psychological desires. Sheer curtains to bring in sunlight, heavy lined curtains to prevent it, embroidered curtains and valences with lace trimmings flaunting luxury and a taste for design, make the room look more appealing and beautiful. Curtains can surely make the room look more attractive. Generally fabrics for sewing curtains are 54 inches wide or extra wide at 110 inches or 118 inches. Extra¬ wide fabrics are normally made for unlined sheer curtains, and are intended to be railroaded or run sideways with the selvage at the top and bottom of the curtains, permitting the curtains to be made without seams.

Curtains with well-designed features like noise and light reduction are being particularly produced for exports. The dyes used for these need to be sunlight resistant as curtains receive direct sunlight and might start looking dull and faded very soon. They are made in combination with the cushions and other furniture in the room.

The options are many; curtains are available in every size, colour, fabric and designs like stripes, checks, floral, woven, printed, etc. One can chose the fabric from the cottons to linens, velvets, tapestries etc. There are many alternatives in decorative accessories: rods with decorative finials, ornamental brackets, and pleats at the top, holdbacks and tiebacks. The alternatives selected depend on whether one needs to camouflage the windows or show them off, as they are architecturally special, whether one needs privacy or needs to visually enlarge a small room will ascertain the type of curtain one opts for.

In case you want extra light without spoiling your privacy, you can get transom window curtains. This two-part curtain possesses a sheer fabric at the top and privacy panels below. Tab-top curtains have fabric loops on the top to which a rod is fixed. Tie-top curtains possess fabric on the top of the panel that is fixed to the rod. And, grommet-top panels have metal eyelets on the top which is fixed with curtain rings. Tap-top curtains are a latest trend that is common in modern homes.

Many traditional Indian weaves and embroideries are being done all over India on the home furnishings products. Traditional Indian embroideries like ‘kasida’ from Kashmir, ‘kantha’ from Bengal and ‘chikankari’ from Uttar Pradesh are in demand for bed covers and curtains. The tie-and-dye methods of Rajasthan and Gujarat are also widely used for making colourful bed sheets and quilt covers. Many of these are available in cheaper rates in print.

Many home furnishing companies are making these products with handlooms. Normally, high quality silk and cotton are used for these products. While traditionally curtains were either produced with heavy jacquards or luxurious prints, at present a wide range of fabrics covering embroidered fabrics are being used. The attractive display of colours can also be seen in plain sofas with striped and spotted cushions or plush heavy pile carpets with designs varying from geometricals to florals and abstracts.

Occasionally it is appealing themes instead of sorting by room that the designers go for with areas designed by mood like femme fatale, eclectic, delicate, timeless and wild. In fact it includes the accessories like rugs, throws, frames, cushions, etc. Unique linen for the kitchen and other soft furnishings for lawn chairs have also gained remarkable popularity. Tapestries, chenille, cotton and linen prints, stripes and checks, toile, crewel work, plains of all types covering linens, silks, suede, voiles and muslins, and towels, be it for bath or the kitchen, all are included in this segment. The showrooms for soft furnishings provide the customers with a collection of designs to select from.

The Indian home furnishings market is around Rs 15,000 crore, of which the organised market is about Rs 1,000 crore. Earlier, Bombay Dyeing was the only leader in this segment. The major carpet manufacturing areas (including all types of floor coverings and durries) are Agra-Bhadoi belt in Uttar Pradesh, Kashmir, Bikaner-Udaipur belt in Rajasthan, West Bengal, Haryana, Punjab and Andhra Pradesh. In India, there are 1215 carpet production units recorded and of that 190 are in the organized sector and the rest are in small scale industry sector.

The Mirzapur-Bhadohi belt in Uttar Pradesh stands as the major contributor for the carpet weaving industry in the India with nearly 90 per cent of the total production of carpets in India.

Panipat has witnessed high growth in handlooms during the last two decades with the number of looms holding 50,000 are well known for producing acrylic blankets, bed sheets, bed covers, tapestry, upholstery, table mats and table covers. There are above 310 shoddy spinning units in Panipat having a production of 4 lakh kg per day and a turnover of more than Rs 600 crore. Panipat also possess a woolen carpet industry, which is now almost thirty years old, with around 150 units. There are about 60 carpet woolen spinning units in Panipat with an annual turnover of Rs 175 crore making a variety of handloom products such as durries, mats, table covers, bed sheets, curtains and carpets exported to various countries, including Canada, Japan, Germany and Australia.

Benefiting from this booming market and the increasing new and young homemakers, department stores make their home furnishings space by creating well organized living spaces that sell the products very effectively. Many popular companies working with soft furnishings products in India are Welspun, Gujarat (which started first ‘Spaces Home & Beyond’ store in Mumbai); Handfab, Panipat; Highness Exports; In Vogue Buying, New Delhi; Indian Exporters, Kolkata; Shabari International, Kerala; Cannanore; Amber Textile; and Reliance Industries, and there are brands like the decades-old Bombay Dyeing and just stated like Spaces, Portico, Season’s, Yamini etc.

Raymond provides the widest range of colours to satisfy the various colour requirements of interiors in Home furnishings. Home Solutions Retail (India), a 100% holding of retail leader Pantaloon Retail, intends to close its third year of function with about of Rs 1,000 crore. Home Solutions is establishing chain of home stores, committed to all things that would be required for setting up, decorating and furnishing a home. In the first step, the company will be establishing six Home Towns, the company’s umbrella store, in Noida, Hyderabad, Gurgaon, Pune, Thane and Bangalore, which will start by June 2007. Each store, covering an expense about Rs 14 crore, will be allotted about 120,000 square feet.

To achieve its brand recognized in the big commoditised home furnishings market, Welspun is investing in retail stores and increasing its capacity to serve the domestic market. Besides its own brand the company recently received the marketing rights of Tommy Hilfiger home furnishing products.

Welspun is also coming up with the concepts to educate and guide customers about issues like hygiene, because most of us are comfortable with replacing our bed sheets once in two weeks. Likewise many families utilize only one towel between themselves. None of us have ever understood that if the same towel is utilized the entire family, each member of the family may get infected. All these maters will be undertaken through various media for which the company has allocated about Rs 10 crore. At present it is searching for an agency to handle its communication activities.

As per the company’s retail strategy, which is setting the core of its brand-building practice, in the next three years they are coming with 125 stores across the country with an investment of Rs 50 crore. Amongst the 125, 100 would be standalone Spaces stores. Extended with an area of nearly 2,000 sq ft, the Spaces showrooms would provide furnishings for each room of the house. Besides furnishing items, the showrooms will also provide home décor products such as candles, curios and so on.

Recently, Portico, a premium Home Decor & furnishings brand introduced its premium and ‘Sparkly’ range.

Besides this, various small players in the market cater to every taste and pocket of the population. For those who do not need to spend in professionally decorating their rooms, many options are available by India’s department chain stores like Ebony, Shoppers’ Stop, Lifestyle, Pantaloons, Westside and even Big Bazaar.

Because of huge demands, many fashion designers have also forayed in this segment. At present the home furnishings segment is considered a flourishing sector in the textile industry. Domestic and export markets are both booming for home furnishings.

According to experts, to make brand awareness home furnishing companies have to put more emphasis on the overall shopping experience. Retail ambience, coordinated product ranges; in-store display; point-of-purchase promotional literature on the product features as well as the company’s lineage and superior in-store service are some of the primary actions that home furnishing companies must take. In fact this has to be made in connection with innovative product and brand advertising and new promotional efforts.

While some experts believe that as the sector is largely commoditised, the main target would be to set the category to constantly develop, which can only be done through customer education.

However, some feel that it is a slight too early to introduce new collections each season. While it could support in making fashion consciousness in India about home furnishings, as well as the designs, colours and prints are contemporary, and the packaging and labeling are as per the good quality standards, home furnishing companies need not be bothered about making more complication in their business by creating repeated changes in their product offering at this stage. In fact, in the next few years, with more competition and more demand, it would be essential to introduce at least two major collections per year.

We require building up more colour and design sensitive people to work in this segment. For those who intend to begin a home furnishing venture, whether for exports or for the domestic market, it is appropriate to begin with just one or two products and then add on to it slowly. Cushion covers and curtains are the more demandable products. If proper plans are made using appropriate color combinations as expected in the colour forecast, and ever new designs are made, then definitely one will get success in this segment. The key point to note here is that trends change fast, so the process of designing and creation should keep on preventing stagnation and making guaranteed success.


In the last few years, people have started spending on furniture and furnishings like they perform with their clothing. For them lifestyle furnishing is turning out as a mix of aesthetics, comfort, colours and designs. Brown sofas are outdated; people need lively colours like blue and red. A few years ago consumers never demanded highly branded home furnishing products, but now they are very well aware about new products and brands in the market, though brand awareness in this segment is still low. Many companies are adding two to three products in their product lines every year and many are comings with innovative concepts in this segment. But, for this segment’s growth still it requires a proper planning or strategy, more efforts and educate to customer as well.

Lifestyle And Fashion During The Sydney Fashion Week

Sydney Fashion Lifestyle is being pushed by the Sydney Fashion Week designers through their endless creative designs and remarkable fashion tips that almost all Australians love to idolize. Little black dresses have become one of their feature designs. These designs are something, maybe because it shows elegant and classiness, that people still dwell in it. Old style and old creations cannot, also, be disregarded. Those ancient styles have become the inspiration of the fashion trends these days.

The Sydney Fashion Week seems to focus in architecturally and geometrically contoured designs. The clothes, dresses, and other fashion related accessories like stilettos etcetera were shown dramatically and way stylish compared to any other Fashion Week. Sydney Fashion Week has also caught everyone’s attention due to the spunk that they have put in the styles of their fashion. In addition, the hairstyles that they have used in their fashion were inspired by the punk and tall rock and roll hairs of the ’80s.

Now with all the glamour and style, the big intriguing question is, does the creativity and the originality of fashion moving forward or backward? I do believe that a fashion week should be the time to celebrate an all new brilliant creation and showcase new ideas that can be used as one of the fashion tips in the next few years. However, as what I have observed, what happens is that they are proclaiming something that is already there. With the world putting their eyes on Lady Gaga and her experimental metallic wardrobe, fashion designers began making clothes and accessories that are accentuated with such design and presented it as one of the latest trends of the year. If this event keeps on happening, there is a greater chance that fashion will start to find its integrity falling behind. I say keep the fashion creations original and creative!

The reinvention of the classic little black dresses is fantastic. Classic designs have actually established it but this kind of situation just implies that the creativity of designers is losing its touch and it is a little bit saddening that although we have to thank the past fashion designs for today’s clothes, designers should still explore on new creations and the fashion lifestyle should try its best to make everyone see that they have the power to change this cycle from happening.

I am pretty sure everyone is still looking for and waiting for someone who would design something extraordinary and will not conform to the traditional designs and would become a front – liner in setting a new fad for fashion. Don’t get me wrong – I love fashion. But it seems to me that fashion nowadays lack some sort of excitement with their designs.

So what I am looking forward to the next Sydney Fashion Week is that designers would actually make something that will not only make a statement in the fashion industry but also something that will set a new fashion lifestyle for everybody. It should be something that could make people express themselves because the clothes we are wearing defines who we are.

Tips For Stunning Place Illumination In Fashionable Lifestyles

Illumination is the primary and crucial facet of interior decoration. It shapes the vertebrae of any home design as it has a significant part in setting up the perfect form of mood. Accurate LED lighting provides softness, luminosity, and a depth to your house. It makes your dwelling more pleasant and joyous.

No matter if it’s your bedroom, kitchen, or your living room, various styles of lights are worn out to offer the preferred touch of various parts of your home. Here are a few of the beneficial ideas for exceptional illumination of various areas:

Foremost, let’s discuss about the illumination in your bedroom. What normally is a bedroom utilized for? It is among the most necessary spots of your place as you proceed there for leisure and calmness of mind. After an exhausting and demanding schedule, a brief sleep inside your bedroom offers and puts you at peace. Thus, the illumination in the room needs to be convenient and serene. The excellent choice is to make use of protected LED lights in the ceilings or LED (Light Emitting Diode) strips. For reading and review reasons you can cover a LED tube light in the learning area of your bedroom. These are adequate for lighting your bedroom in a peaceful manner.

Next, let’s move to your kitchen where illumination is fully dependent on size and settings of the room. LED lighting here needs to be attached in a manner that visibly illuminates the kitchen area. The most ideal style of illumination utilized in your kitchen is the task lights, a kind that lights up a concentrated spot to guarantee easy accomplishment of a visible task. Other than this, tube illumination can be utilized for entire illumination and undersized LED illumination under the cabinet to illuminate the kitchen surface.

For your dining room there are limitless selections to choose from. For the dining place utilize LED illumination which are comfortable, pleasant, and appealing to guarantee a pleasurable and tranquil mealtime. Among the number of LED illumination choices, chandeliers, pendants, wall sconces, track illumination, recessed lights, lamps, rope illumination, accentuate lights, and dimmers are a few of the excellent. Depending on the measurements and color of your dining place you can choose the precise suited lighting for your dinning spot.

Living room is a clear representation of your character, taste, and your standard. Therefore, it must be attractive in a way that sets a huge impact on people. Utilizing reasonable and also elegant lights is very vital to guarantee a restful, stimulating, and serene touch. Living room is utilized for numerous functions like viewing television, reading, relaxing, coffee discussions, or even playing games. Putting everything in mind select the lighting of your living place. LED ceiling illumination or convenient lamps are most ideal choices for common lighting. Aside from this, you can make use of wall decorative sconces, recessed lights, or track illumination for lighting any form of art work, low dangling illumination for the bar spot, pendants for game section or coffee discussion part, and puck illumination or covered illumination for lighting interior cabinets for instance the TV cabinet or the book shelf.

Armani Sunglasses – Perfect Fit to Your Fashion Lifestyle

Armani Sunglasses are one of the recent trends in the eyewear business. Giorgio Armani is a leading Italian designer, and the sterling quality of merchandise under the brand name has been known for many decades. Creating a new generation of eyewear with its high-end, unmistakable touch, Giorgio Armani has transformed these accessories into an element of style. A true trendsetter, Armani sunglasses will impress and will give you a fashionable and trendy look all the time, with any tasteful outfit.

Armani have recently been part of fashion transitions. The sleek, classic rims of these must-have accessories have always been popular with the young and old alike. Prices on the average start from around $100 and take off from there depending on the make, style and frames.

These come in various shades and styles, each perfectly designed for unique individuals with diverse tastes. From hip, casual and trendy to elegant, poised and cool, these designs are sure to accentuate the shape of your face and frame your eyes wonderfully.

While extreme lightness is often one of the general themes of Armani, the pureness of the forms, which are now more oval, is the main feature, accentuated by diverse colors of the frames. The colors are echoed in the lenses, which further emphasize the shades and more refined tones of the season’s accessories. A skillful, blending sharpness of contours and technology in this year’s Armani sunglasses transforms precision into elegance. Armani sunglasses are also proof that fashion and stylishness can keep up with the times without sacrificing comfort.

How Armani keep up with technology is expressed not only in the use of ultra-light and hard-wearing materials such as Genium, but also in the lenses which are no longer mere filters but are made in photo-chromatic crystal. The blinker-style sunglasses have lightweight frames and leather insets sewn into the sides; these special frames, more connected with the leather-working tradition, can be found in the exclusive Armani boutiques.

Indeed, all the features that the fashion-savvy individual could possibly look for can be found in this year’s Armani sunglasses designs. From lightweight, to aviator, to classic metal rims, Armani has successfully revolutionized sunglasses, turning them into high points of accessories and not just mere lenses and light filters. Gone are the days when you can only whip out a pair of sunglasses when you’re at the beach. At this point, you’ll wear your Armani sunglasses anywhere, anytime, because they are the perfect partners for your eyes.

Fashion critics have praised these year’s Armani’s sunglasses, as they are even more chic and subtly refined as the previous ones. If you’re considering buying a pair of these sunglasses, make sure to pick ones that frame your faces perfectly and clearly reflects your lifestyle. Also make sure to match your Armani sunglasses with the outfits that you wear most of the time. Whether you opt for metal or plastic ones, you absolutely can’t go wrong with Armani sunglasses.

What’s Your Fashion Lifestyle?

We’ve all been accused at one point or another of being a fake, weirdo, loud or high maintenance; generally, a poser. Some of us learn to ignore these harsh words and embrace ourselves as we are, but others have given up and became slaves to every passing trend.

NO MORE HIDING! For too long we have been confined and shut down by our peers. Embrace the lifestyle that suits you, the one YOU want to live. Mix up a few, if you want, as long as you’re being yourself and not just what’s socially acceptable!

Take the power out of those words that used to hurt our feelings and promote style over fashion. What others called a fashion faux pas you can reveal to the world as your own unique style. Whether you identify with one of the six Lifestyles below or you’re a fusion of one or more depending on your mood.

Now choose Your Lifestyle and by all means don’t limit yourself!

Alternative – You aren’t on the edge you are the edge. If you like skinny, skinny jeans, thick shoes, ripped pieces, chains, zippers, skulls, chokers, loud hair colors and your eyelashes as dark as the shadows then rock on until your enemies are gone. Embrace the Alternative Lifestyle!

Bohemian – You are a free Spirit and like everything easy, breezy, unconventional, wild, and exotic, with effortless beauty. If this describes your wardrobe and life motto then you are loving the non-conformist Bohemian Lifestyle – Peace, Love and Fashion!

Classic – The Classic style is the foundation of all your fashion. If you like stylish A-Line skirts, the sexy little black dress and appreciate the elegant style of tailored clothes then your lifestyle is definitely C-L-A-S-S-I-C.

Glamour – You’re always ready for a photo op because you’re constantly dressed to impress. Your wardrobe is not complete without the finest accessories and a little sparkle (or maybe a lot) and if you refer to all your favorite designers by their first name then, no doubt, you are living the Glamorous Lifestyle.

Urban – You are catwalking the streets of the concrete jungle! You like to keep your style a little bit sporty showing the boys that you don’t have to be formal to be beautiful. Your style defines your own unique personality and street smarts with a touch of trendy fashion and hip-hop influence then you’re rocking the Urban Lifestyle.

Vintage – It’s like you walked straight out of a black and white film searching for those awesome fashion from days gone past – 50′s Rockabilly, 70′s Go-Go skirt, 60′s Beatniks – the Vintage Lifestyle is your niche and you wear it well!

Embrace your style and be free! But whatever you do… BE Ostentatious, BE Bold, BE a Limited Edition!